Our Services

Edufly Services

We are here to provide hassle-free service with quality consultation in a short span. Our purpose is not to be a consultant only, but we want to develop an image to represent our country as the best consulting services and student inclusion.

How can we help you?

Free Assessment

We counsel the students to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. Thus, we can suggest to them the best of the rest. We engage them with quality sessions, testing, and skills identification.

Admission Services

On deciding the universities and courses, our team coordinates with the representative of the relevant university and country to fulfil the procedural steps accordingly.

University Eligibility Criteria

Due to competition and specific university terms, it becomes challenging to identify the best university and course according to your desire. So, our team helps you find the right university and course according to your academic criteria which are best for you.

Visa Guidance

We offer a complete visa submission and filing direction. Our goal is to make their visa process tension-free. For that, we guide them in each procedure step, evaluate their documents, and check the provided information for a 100% successful Visa completion rate.

Pre And Post Departure Services

We provide Pre and Post Departure Services to students. We always welcome you for any forms of assistance that you may need.

Complains Assistance

Our obligation to sustain transparency, morality and confidence with our clients never let us down. If you have any queries or concerns, you can contact us anytime for a quick consultation regarding any complaints.